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Referral to DYFS of Child Abuse or Neglect

Child Abuse Hotline: Many calls are made to the Child Abuse Hotline in New Jersey everyday to report allegations of child abuse or neglect. These allegations must all be investigated by DCP&P (formerly known as “DYFS”). Don’t let an allegation of child abuse or neglect ruin your life, contact the DYFS defense lawyers at our law firm for immediate assistance. Our lawyers know that anyone can report anything to DYFS without any basis or proof and that report must be investigated. As a result, it is imperative that you hire an experienced DCP&P attorney who knows how the system works and knows how to protect your interests, your rights, and your family. Brent Dimarco, a member of our DYFS defense team, used to work for two of the largest DCP&P defense firms in NJ before joining the Tormey Law Firm. He has handled all aspects of DCP&P litigation including representing many parents accused of child abuse and neglect and conducting several Dodd hearings, fact-finding hearings, and termination hearings on behalf of clients. Moreover, the managing parter of the firm, Travis J. Tormey, was recently recognized as one of the top 10 criminal defense attorneys in the State of NJ by the American Jurist Institute and he has received the clients choice award from for four straight years.

Protect your interests and your rights, contact the Tormey Law Firm today at (908)-356-6900. Our Union County NJ DCP&P lawyers represent clients in Elizabeth, Scotch Plains, Westfield, Summit, New Providence, and Berkeley Heights.

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Referrals : The Child Abuse Hotline (1-877-NJ-ABUSE)

FAQ: What is a referral?

An allegation of child abuse or neglect or child welfare concern called into the Division of Child Protection and Permanency.

1-877-NJ-ABUSE (Child Abuse Hotline) – All that is needed is a call, or a referral, to the hotline and the Division is obligated to investigate the allegation of child abuse, neglect, or welfare concern. No matter who calls in the allegation – a doctor, teacher, police officer, or neighbor – anyone – the Division needs to investigate the referral. The law requires it.

Literally anyone can call the Division from anywhere at anytime. Regardless of the caller’s identity, DCP&P has to initiate an investigation. Sometimes the caller will provide an identity, for example, a teacher or police officer. Other times, the caller will remain anonymous and not provide any identifying information. The Division cannot rely only on the call itself to decide which calls are legitimate and which calls are bogus. The Division must investigate every single call.

But sometimes the Division will know who calls in a case because of mandatory reporting that requires the caller to provide identification. In other words, certain professionals that come in contact with children are required by law to report suspected child abuse or neglect. For example, pediatricians, school nurses and hospital staff must notify the Division if a child presents for care with unexplained marks, cuts, bruises or internal injuries. But physical injuries are not the only possible cause of a mandatory referral. A teacher or guidance counselor will call the Division to report excessive unexplained absences or if a child reports being sexually abused.

The Division will categorize the referral into one of three categories, to determine how quickly DCP&P must investigate, based upon the severity of the alleged circumstances. The three types of referrals are Child Protective Services (“CPS”), Child Welfare Services (“CWS”), or Related Information (“RI”). Then within the appropriate time, which may be immediate or within seventy-two hours, the Division will attempt to see the alleged child victim and interview the alleged child victim. DCP&P will also attempt to interview the alleged perpetrator, oftentimes the child’s parent.

The Division will make every effort to see your child as soon as possible, whether in your home, at the child’s school, in the hospital or at the police station – wherever the child is when DCP&P responds to the referral. The Division has staff on-call twenty-four hours a day to respond to emergency situations and to determine whether or not DCP&P will remove child from his or her home.

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As soon as you learn that the Division is attempting to become involved with you and your child, you should think about contacting an experienced DCP&P defense attorney to discuss your rights and what steps you may take to limit the Division’s intrusion into your family life. Although DCP&P has a legal duty to investigate a referral, parents also have rights. It is crucial that you have an experienced DYFS defense attorney present when DCP&P interviews you.

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