Can DCP&P Contact My Job in New Jersey?

Need to Know if NJ Child Protective Services can Contact my Employer

DCPP contacted my job New Jersey help attorneys near meAre you wondering if DCPP can contact your job? The short answer is yes. However, it’s very unlikely that they will. The Division of Child Protection and Permanency is vested with great discretion when conducting an investigation in New Jersey. It’s the Division’s duty to protect children as well as promote their overall safety and well-being. As such, they are permitted to interview and question anyone who may be able to assist in securing the safety of the child.

Nevertheless, the compelling interest of protecting children is not without limits. Parents themselves have a very strong interest in being able to raise their children without any interference from the State. As such, the Division cannot simply do whatever they see fit in the name of child safety. Consequently, a balance between the State’s interest in protecting children and the parent’s rights to privacy is constantly being tested.

Can DCF Call my Job about an Issue with my Children?

To help insure there is no overreaching on the part of the Division of Children and Families, the New Jersey Administrative Code outlines what the Division can and cannot do. As a general rule, the assigned caseworker is obligated to perform several tasks before concluding his or her investigation. The caseworker is required to interview the child, the parents, any other members of the household. In addition, the caseworker is expected to interview any other individual who may possess some knowledge about the underlying complaint. As such, the caseworker may contact the child’s school, pediatrician, or possibly the parent’s employer. Clearly, it is very unlikely that any person who works alongside the parents will possess any information about the case.

In addition, child welfare matters are deemed highly confidential proceedings. Therefore, any information about the case is forbidden from being disclosed. Consequently, unless it clear that an individual possess some type of information that will assist the Division in its investigation, it is very unlikely that the caseworker will contact them. Generally, the Division will only question the members of the house and the person who made the initial complaint. The caseworker will review the parents’ background to determine if they have a criminal past or history with DCP&P. The caseworker may also speak to the police or prosecutor’s office. Lastly, the Division will request to question the child’s pediatrician. However, please keep in mind, the Division cannot interview any doctors or review any medical records unless the parents sign a release.

Need an Attorney to Deal with DCPP in Kearny

Accordingly, if the Department of Children and Families or the Division of Child Protection and Permanency has entered your life, you should contact a DCP&P defense attorney who is familiar with the fundamental aspects of the parent-child relationship and who is also knowledgeable of the procedural safeguards in place to prevent unnecessary DCF or DCPP involvement in your family’s life. Contact our offices now for immediate assistance at (908)-356-6900. The initial consultation is always provided free of charge.

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