Anger Management Consequences as a Result of DCPP Investigations

We Provide Legal Help for Those Facing Child Abuse and Neglect Investigations Based on Anger Allegations in New Jersey

Anger Management Consequences as a Result of DCPP Investigations in New JerseyAnger is an emotion that we humans experience naturally; it is not in itself problematic and arises as a result of certain stress triggers. Emotional regulation and socioemotional intelligence are skills that every adult and child must learn to navigate difficult emotions such as, but not limited to, anger. When a person has trouble controlling or channeling their anger, or anger gives rise to violent behavior, the normal emotion becomes a problem of anger management, often called “anger issues.” If you are facing legal action by DCPP based on allegations involving anger management issues, we can help. Our child abuse and neglect defense team focuses on navigating the myriad legal impacts of anger issues when dealing with child protective services in New Jersey, including related cases of domestic violence and criminal charges such as assault or terroristic threats. Contact us today at (908)-356-6900 to learn more about how allegations of anger management issues can legally impact you when the Division of Child Protection and Permanency intervenes.

Stress as the Core Cause of Explosive Anger

The basic underlying cause of explosive anger and the difficulty in managing the emotion is stress. Stress can be caused by a number of factors, including physical, emotional, familial, social, professional, and financial. It can also be a side effect of depression, anxiety, drug or alcohol abuse, and various chemical imbalances. Anger issues manifest themselves in the following behaviors: rage, grudges, anxiety, irritability, verbal violence, physical violence, gaslighting, the desire to do harm to oneself or others, and more.

How Anger Issues May End Up Opening a Case by the Division of Child Protection and Permanency

Unfortunately, anger issues can lead to problematic behavior that puts others in the household in direct or perceived danger. If an episode of failure to control anger results in verbal, emotional, or physical harm to someone in the house, resulting in a domestic violence charge or child abuse or endangerment charge, the Division of Child Protection and Permanency will immediately open an investigation. The entire legal and social system of New Jersey is committed to serving the best interests and safety of children, so if a criminal complaint or restraining order for domestic violence has been filed against you, you can expect that you will be subject to this investigation, including interviews and self-evaluations.

Take a Step Ahead and Volunteer to Undergo Anger Management Counseling

When it comes to a DCPP investigation, the repercussions are very serious, potentially resulting in you losing custody of your children if it is found that your anger issues put your children at physical or emotional risk. As such, if you are investigated by DCPP, it is essential that you not only cooperate with the investigation but also that you take a proactive approach to supporting it. One such way is to volunteer for anger management counseling or courses. Your child custody could depend on how you handle your need for anger management support and your willingness to engage in available support.

Strategies for Understanding and Managing Anger

Anger management counseling coaches an individual to cope with and change anger triggers and behaviors. It teaches self-awareness and helps an individual find the root of their explosive anger. Tools such as mindfulness, mental reprogramming and affirmations, relaxation techniques, journaling, breathing exercises, and meditation are used to reach this end.

Anger Management Counseling as a Helpful Resource to Avoid Losing Custody of Your Children in NJRamifications of Not Complying with Court-Mandated Anger Management

If the court orders you to fulfill anger management counseling as a condition of parole, you will likely be sent to jail if you fail to complete it. You may also lose provisional custody of your children. However, as in the case of New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services vs. D.R. and C.F., a parent has an inalienable right to sufficient time to rectify issues, including anger management utilizing court-ordered and court-approved means before custody is stripped, depending upon the nature of the circumstances leading to the order. To ensure that your rights as a legal parent are protected, you need an attorney.

Are Anger Issues Leading to Concerns with the Division of Child Protection and Permanency in NJ? Let us Provide Support

If you have been accused of having anger management issues, and those extend to questioning the safety of your family, you need the representation of a DCPP defense attorney immediately. The courts are always going to tow a hard line against those who display violence to members of their household, especially, if children are there to witness or be harmed in the act. However, there are immediate steps you can take to show the judge that you mean business when it comes to your commitment to healing and your commitment to raising your family healthfully. We have successfully represented countless parents throughout Holmdel, Union, Ridgefield Park, Morristown, Middletown, Bergenfield, Wayne, Clifton, and various municipalities spanning Bergen County, Essex County, Monmouth County, Middlesex County, and the entire state of New Jersey. If issues of anger management are creating legal problems for you and your family with DCFS, contact us today at (908)-356-6900 for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your case.

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